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SideWalk Counseling Ministry

SFL does sidewalk counseling Tues-Saturday at the Abortion Mill on 2nd and Market St. Our President and Founder,  Mrs. Angela Minter personally does sidewalk counseling and Intercessory Prayer Wednesday-Saturday from 7am-9am.

God has given Sisters for Life a very unique way to do sidewalk counseling. Not only do we walk along the side of women and pray for them when they are starting to enter the Abortion Mill, we also give them information informing them of other life choices available to them for their child. Some other alternatives can be:

  • Adoption

  • Free housing during the pregnancy, and after the pregnancy

  • Free childcare

  • Free help with college tuition if they choose life for their baby

  • Pregnancy Resource- they provide diapers , formula, clothes, parenting classes, counseling and more

We give them information about the life development of their baby based upon how far along they are in their pregnancy.

We feel it is our responsibility to deliver God's message that explains that their child is not just a “blob of tissue”, but their baby is actually a human being God has chosen to give life.


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