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Angela Minter,  President and Founder is a born again Christian and the wife of her high school sweetheart, Parnell. They have enjoyed over two decades of marriage and are blessed with three wonderful children.

Angela and Parnell also lost two pre-born babies to abortion while in their teens. They bear the scars of abortion which only heightens Angela’s commitment to pre-born babies, their parents and families.


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Angela Minter Helping Young Woman During Sidewalf Counseling

Praise For Sisters For Life And Angela Minter!

  • “Angela helped save my grandbabies. I thank Jesus for her.”  Mr. P, Mrs. A.

  • “An abortion-minded young lady heard SFL broadcast about the physical consequences to abortion.  She changed her mind.  She and the baby were saved.”  Dr. W

  • “I took my girlfriend to the abortion clinic.  Angela talked to me for an hour about God’s plan for my baby.  I went and got my girlfriend and my baby.  Thanks Angela.”  Mr. E


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